Intime Organique

“INTIME” is French word. It means intimate in English.

Originated from Japan, Intime Organique is our self-care product line for women made especially for the intimate areas of our body. Our products are made for all women to support women's health and to encourage women to value their female sexuality.

Intime Organique uses the finest selection of plant derived ingredients from Japan and Europe. Produced from the techniques of Eastern Medicine and the principles of Phytotherapy - 0% parabens, mineral oil, artificial silicone, artificial colours, fragrance.

Phytotherapy is a science-based medical practice using herbs and plants.

Nourish your body, protect your health, and cherish yourself.
Our body changes throughout the different stages of life. Exploring these changes begins with you.

Start your journey of discovery with Intime Organique.



French women are proud of their bodies and are dedicated to taking care of them. Originated from the word ‘Intimate’ or hormonal balance, Intime Organique recognises the need to care for the female intimate area and endorses the French way of self-care. Working with gynecologists, we combined their profound knowledge of the female anatomy and our expertise in phytotherapy.

Embrace your female sexuality through the connection of body and mind. Take care of your body with Intime Organique products.


Using a fine selection of organic ingredients from Japan and Italy, a special formula was created by combining the principles of phytotherapy and Eastern medicine for Intime Organique products.
 We use only the highest quality controls and ingredients, delivering products that are safe, reliable, and chemical-free.



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