"WWD JAPAN 2021 The Best Cosmetics in the Second Half"

WWD JAPAN 2021 The Best Cosmetics in the Second Half! "WWD JAPAN" surveyed products sold in the second half of 2021 (May - October) at department stores, semi-self shops, variety drug stores and EC. The three best NEW PRODUCTs released during this period and the three best HERO PRODUCTs including not only new products but also existing ones are introduced.

Department Store and Semi-Self-Shop The overall number one in the Femtech category is "Delicate High Gene Soap" from ARGITAL and Intimate Feminine Wash" from INTIME ORGANIQUE. The third place was also INTIME ORGANIQUE and it was the Intimate White Cream". "Up until now, we had been unable to discuss our problems in the delivery zone and were worried. But now the demand has come out after it has been featured in magazines and SNS," the buyer said. 

 "About Intime Organique" Buyers say that "Delicate zone care products are doing well with the spread of SNS and magazines. "The number of people who use special soap instead of body soap increases every year. "The category changed a lot because I had time to look at myself."
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